sexta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2009

minha trilha sonora [[02.out.2009]]


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BK-One - American Nightmare (Feat. Brother Ali And Scarface).mp3
[[Rap Underground!]]
BK-One - Gititit (Feat. Slug And Brother Ali).mp3
[[Rap Underground - Pancada Sonora!]]
BK-One - The True And Living (Feat. Raekwon And I Slef Devine).mp3
[[Rap Underground!]]
Afrika Bambaataa - Zulu! (We Don't Stop Yawl) (Feat. Why G, Mickey Factz, And Fort Knox Five).mp3
[[Break Beat!]]
B.o.B. - I Am The Champion.mp3
Apathy - Guys And Girls (Feat. Blue Raspberry)(Prod. By Apathy).mp3
[[Rap Underground - Som Lokoo - Pankada Sonora!]]
Apathy - This Is The Formula (Feat. J-Live)(Prod. By Apathy).mp3
[[Rap Underground!]]
Apathy - True Love (Feat. Phonte (Of Little Brother)(Prod. By Apathy).mp3
[[Rap Underground - Pancada Sonora!]]
2Pac - Untouchable (Remix)(Feat. Pakor).mp3
Tito Lopez - kinda like a big deal freestyle (Week 1).mp3
The Suppliers - Wanda.mp3
[[R&B - Crunk!]]
Mack 10 - Clack Clack (Feat. Akon & Red Cafe) (Produced By DJ Green Lantern).mp3
[[Pankada Sonora!]]
Omarion - Last Night (Feat. Talent Couture).mp3
[[R&B Da Hora!]]
Richie Wess - Boomerang Money (Ft. 2 Pistols).mp3
Laws - You're Not My Girl (Remix)(Feat. Mason Caine).mp3
[[Remix Ryan Leslie!]]
K. Sparks - Overtime (Prod. By Hannibal King).mp3
[[Rap Underground!]]
Juelz Santana - Harlem (Feat. Tobb Cobain).mp3
[[Remix Drake!]]

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