quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2010

Minha Trilha Sonora [[4 FEV.]]


DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win (Feat. Ludacris Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, And T-Pain) [Prod. By Nasty BeatMakers].mp3
[[Pankada Sonora - Crunk!]]
Drag-On - Emergency Broadcast.mp3
[[Pankada Sonora - Som Loko!]]
Erykah Badu - Jump Up In The Air And Stay There (Feat. Lil' Wayne).mp3
[[Neo Soul - Muito bom - Som Loko!]]
Fatal Lucciauno - The Myth.mp3
[[Rap Underground!]]
Freeway - One Thing (Feat. Raekwon) [Prod. By Jake One].mp3
[[Rap Underground - Som Loko!]]
Lil' Flip - 50 In My Pinky (New Unreleased).mp3
[[Pankada Sonora - Crunk!]]
Jabee - Go And Tell 'Em (Feat. K. Sparks And Phil Nash) [Prod. By Hannibal King].mp3
Freeway - My Time.mp3
[[Rap Underground - Som Loko!]]
Gasner Allen - #1 Baby (Ft. Fea Trell).mp3
[[R&B Da Horaa - Muito bom!]]
Goliath - I Don't Know (Feat. 8Ball And MJG).mp3

"...COMENTA AÊÊêÊê!!!"

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